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As a photographer & small business owner I don’t have time for computer problems.  I signed up for the “Managed Service” and haven’t had a problem since. Joseph handles everything from the updates, to the antivirus and everything in between for only $20 bucks. I wish I’d have know what a managed service was sooner.

Laurie Lanczynski

Owner, Laurie Lanczynski Photography

Definitely easy to work with and a fast turn around time. We had to order the specific screen needed to fix our laptop, but it was done quite fast once the screen arrived. We were happy with the service and have been back since for other things. We would certainly recommend him to anyone needing phone, computer or table repair.

Tara Goettl

Owner, Hydro Illusion Hydrographics

I’ve know Joseph for over 25 years. He’s one of those guys that seems to be good at anything he puts his mind too.
We actually drive from Saginaw to Chesaning for his services. He fixes our comptuers, phones and handles our business related technology issues too.

Darin Wass

President/CEO, Norther Elite Wrestling Academy

I took my computer into Chesaning Connect because it kept displaying a blue screen and crashing. It ended up the memory in my laptop was malfunctioning so Joseph had to order the memory. I thought it was kind of nice that he temporarily installed some used memory in my computer so that I could use it until the brand new memory arrived. This whole process was done in less than 24 hours. Once the memory arrived the install was a while you wait job & I would recommend him to anyone.

Tavy Reitano Pasieka

I’ve been a Managed Service customer of Chesaning Connect for a few years now.  I must say, I am impressed. I don’t have computer problems anymore and things don’t go wrong.  I would highly recommend this to anyone that doesn’t have the time to fix their own computers, or maybe just doesn’t know how.  I like the fact that if something ever goes wrong, I can walk into his store and know I will not have a bill – that’s his guarantee. One of the perks of being a Managed Service customer.

Jean Amman Schnell

Great place! Took my laptop here to get fixed. Price was very fair. Quote they gave me was what they charged. Really liked how he explained things. Will be going back again.

Jennifer Porter

CEO/Owner, Yaqar Studio

Joseph worked on my sons tablet as it had a cracked screen. Although things did not go perfect we were happy with him overall. As he was heating up the tablet to remove the screen, the plastic mid-frame warped a bit. I appreciate it when someone is upfront and honest with me, and he was.  He explained what happen, acknowledged that it was his error and was accountable.  That’s really all I ask a customer when things do go perfectly, because sometimes they just don’t.  In the end we felt he handled things professionally and we still go back when the need arises.  I can say with confidence that things usually go well. When the don’t, he’s at least upfront about it. I highly recommend Chesaning Connect for all of your technology needs, especially Joe.

Sandy Morgan

Retired Millwright , General Motors