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Computer Repair Services

Virus Removal

We remove all type of viruses not just the easy ones. Ask us about our computer security programs and you’ll never have another virus again. Our service comes with a guarantee.

Power Supply & Batteries

If you computer randomly shuts down, or the screen goes black while the lights on the computer are still one. You may need a new power supply. We can test this for you before ordering.

Blue Screen of Death

Are you getting a blue screen of death with some hard to understand codes or messages? We have the tools to analyze, troubleshoot and remedy such problems. It’s not always as bad as it seems.

LCD Replacement

Accidents happen and screens break or go bad on occasion. We repair screens on computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Prices vary, call today and we’ll give you a free estimate.

Keyboard Replacements

Keyboards go bad too, although not very often. But when they do we can help you get things back to normal without costing you a fortune. Keyboard repairs are often a same day service type of repair.

System Upgrades

System upgrades can be tricky. Not all parts work with all computers. We are certified pros and can help you select the correct parts for you system upgrade.

Power Jack Replacment

A dead computer is often a sign that it isn’t charging anymore. When this happens you may need a new power jack. We provide such a service even if it requires electrical soldering.

Proactive Security

Proactive security helps protect you from things like online scams, and identity theft. We do all the work and you computer is reliable, safe, and secure everyday! Antivirus included!
How much do you charge to look at my phone or computer?
In most cases we do not charge to diagnose a phone or computer. There are times we do charger a bench fee though. This is typically when a device is brought to our store without any signs of life. In an instance like this we do charge a small fee to look at the device. If the repair is reasonably inexpensive and you decide to have us fix it for you we’ll be happy to apply the bench fee to the cost of the repair.
How long will it take to fix my computer?
We are able to fix most issues in 1 – 2 days. We normally can apply our comprehensive virus removal and tune-up service in 24 hours or less.  Some repairs due take a bit longer, for example, if we have to order parts to fix your computer.
Do I get a warranty if I have you install a part in my computer?
We do offer a warranty for parts installed, and many times the manufacturers will offer a warranty too. The length of warranty is different from part to part, and manufacturer to manufacture. Should you need a part repaired, be sure to ask us about the warranty and we’d be happy to go over the details for you.
Do you sell Antivirus software to keep my computer safe?
Yes, we do sell antivirus software.  We have what is called a “Managed Antivirus.”  What that means is you do not have to update our antivirus software, ever. We do that for you, we even run the scans to look for viruses on your computer.
Can you guarantee I won't get anymore viruses?
We do have a virus free guarantee. That is something we provide to our managed service customers. If you’re tired of having computer problems, check out our customer reviews regarding managed services and give us a call. We can help and we hold many certifications, including the Security+ certification.

Same Day Phone Repair

Glass Replacement & Repair

We can repair your iPhone or Samsung cell phone, no matter where you bought it. Screen repair is a same day service and most cases is usually done in about an hour.

Camera Replacement & Repair

Many things can cause your camera to stop working on your phone. We can help troubleshoot the issue, and if necessary, install a new camera to get things back to normal.


Battery Replacement Service

Changing the battery in a cell phone isn’t quite like swapping the battery of a dead TV remote.  Unless you’re sure you know what you’re doing, this is best left to the pro’s. Call today.

Home Button & Charging Port Repair

The home button can malfunction occasionally and when it does we’re here to help.  Sometimes we can troubleshoot things and get your home button working, but if not we install home buttons too.